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  Reverse Wherigo Solver
Enter the three 6 digit codes:
First Number:
Second Number:
Third Number:

Reverse Wherigos converts your Wherigo cartridge into a virtual version of the "Reverse-Cache-Box" which tells you the distance to the cache, but not the bearing.

The cache page will direct you to load the cartridge
from The Reverse Cache - beta and enter 3 codes, each consisting of 6 digits. You then have to move around, or use a map, to determine the location of the cache.

This tool will give you the coordinates directly based on the three 6 digit codes.

Note that the code was updated on this page to use the exact code in the Waldmeister cartridge - the coordinates should be exactly the same.

The Decoder and Encoder only work for this one specific Wherigo cartridge - "The Reverse Cache - beta" by -Waldmeister-